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What is Printed Wet Towel?

Yasampak is producing disposable package and packaging products which address large masses and confront us almost everywhere in our daily life and became advertisement tools by taking hygiene and quality policies into consideration. Printed wet towel is the main product. Today, people know and say rather refreshing, wet or hygienic towel instead of printed wet towel. Use of wet towels is easy and they have wide area of use.

Wet towel which is known as refreshing towel among people is created by moisturizing the folded paper or non-woven fabric with lotion. Wet towels are generally used for the purpose of disinfection or cleaning.

Wet towels which are produced by fabric called non-woven and moisturized with different solutions by use of areas are packaged in different sizes.

First class glossy paper, duplex paper, triplex grey and triplex white papers are used in outer surface of wet towels. 40g non-woven towel is used as inner material. Cologne or import perfumes are used optionally for the odor in the wet towels. Printings are flexo or trigonomy (picture printing).

Printed wet towels we are manufacturing are produced in a way that will have first class quality in high-technology we have. Our firm has any kind of permission certificate and is conducting production in hygienic environments. Our biggest mission and vision is to bring YASAMPARK forward as a leader firm in its market with our principles of quality products, competitive prices and complete and in-time delivery.