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Label Types

Thermal Eco Label, which is made with a paper that is produced by infusing with temperature sensitive chemicals, is a label type which has the shortest shelf life (3-6 months).Because they aren't resistant to the factors like heat and light, they cannot be used in hot and humid environments. If your product's shelf life won't exceed 6 months, for its cost-effectiveness thermal eco labels can be preferred. Due to these qualities, it is used for shelf labels in supermarkets.

Thermal Top Label, predominantly used in food sector, can be used for a longer time as to thermal eco label because there is a protective layer on its both surface. Due to the fact that ribbon material isn't needed during pressing, its cost is lower. It has 6-9 month shelf life. It isn't resistant to external factors like heat, light and humidity.

Glossy Label is a label type which is produced with thermal transfer printing process by using ribbon. These label types of which upper side is semi-lustrous and smooth, have quite long shelf-life because they don't become deformed easily. It shows intermediate level of resistant to external factors like humidity, heat, sunlight and friction. Especially preferred in textile sector, glossy labels are one of the commonly used label types.

Glossy labels are paper-based labels. Besides its matt and bright types, it can be produced in desired features and sizes. Being able to be produced as white, colourful and printed, these labels' cheapest types are the printable and white ones.

Vellum Label, just as glossy labels, is produced with thermal transfer printing process. The feature that distinguishes vellum label from glossy label is that its surface is rough and porous. Because of these surface features, when printed with ribbon, pores fill and vellum labels become more resistant to external factors.

Vellum labels also have both printed and printable types, printable types can be produced more cheaply. Because their shelf-life can lengthen out until 5 months, they are preferred in food and clothing sector.

Fluorescent label, of which ground is painted with fluorescent paint, is from paper-based groups. It is not resistant to external factors like humidity and water so it can tear. Their surfaces are matt.

Fluorescent label's luminous colour tone has yellow, blue, green, red and orange types. Thus it gains a remarkable feature.

Opaque PP (Polypropylene) labels, which are appropriate to barcode printer and ribbon printing and produced with hard materials, are plastic-based labels. They are resistant to external factors like humidity, heat and light. They are not flexible and don't tear easily. They are one of the preferred labels used in cosmetics, chemical, food, and furniture and glass sectors.

Matt PP (Polypropylene) Label is one of the plastic-based labels which is produced with ribbon printing method. Because of being plastic-based, they don't tear easily and they are resistant to external factors like heat, humidity and water. It is preferred in cosmetics and chemical sectors. The only difference from Opal PP Labels is that its surface is matt.

Transparent PP (Polypropylene) label has the same features as Opaque PP Label. The only difference from Opaque PP Label is that its surface is transparent. It is resistant to heat, light, water and humidity. Generally it is used for cosmetics and chemical sectors.

Silvermat (PP Silver) Labels, also known as inventory label, are metal-like and everlasting. Due to the fact that they aren't affected by external factors like heat, light and humidity, they are preferred especially in white goods sector. Silvermat labels which can be produced in desired sizes can be applied colour printing.

Both surfaces are dull grey or bright grey. Because Silvermatt Labels are the best quality label type, they are more expensive than the other label types.

Data PE (Polyethylene) Label; Generally used in wood industry and chemical sector, its glue is specially produced and it can resist for one month in salty seawater without dissolving. Because it is suitable for ribbon printing, printing cost is four times more than paper-based types. Its surface is matt and smooth. It is rigid, tear-proof and resistant to heat and light.

Hot Gilding Label;

Generally being applied in golden and silver gilt ,leaf gilding process printing offers a sparkling visuality that will not be acquired with the methods like offset and serigraphy. Leaf gilding process printing is made by cliche and foil of which surface is covered with gilding material. Leaf on the foil is printed out to surface by heating the block for printing out the foil print in desired form via block.