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About Us

By bringing a breath of fresh air to label sector , without sacrificing quality , being so trusting , with reasonable prices and ensuring complete customer satisfaction YAŞAM ETİKET is one step closer to you with its website.

YAŞAM ETİKET, which started service in a closed area of 500 m² in 2013, is securing its position in the sector with its young, dynamic team.

By extending service network we give for personal care and cosmetics, food, beverage, cleaning, textile and industrial sectors, YAŞAMPAK ETİKET has been working to expand overseas , without sacrificing its product quality it has been trying to grow and increase its brand familiarness in our sector.

In order to expand manufacturing capacity and quality and to become one of the leading firm in the sector by standing out among our rivals, we are serving continuously. In this sense, the most important step we took for institutionalization is that we have taken out a patent.

Labels are a must for packages and wrappings of products. Labels are the materials that include vital information and warnings related to that product in every sector. In a sense, it is the shopwindow and a mine of information of that product. Correspondingly, label types to be used for every product and suitable for the features of that product are available.

With our website we want to facilitate communication with our customers. You will be able to find our product range, changes and developments in the sector, our contact information and all details you will wonder about YAŞAM ETİKET.